We Make Your Ideas a Reality. Make Agriculture Easy.

Using drone technology agriculture is now easier and more productive.

  • 4K Video and Image 
  • Ultrawide Frame
  • Top Notch Visual
  • Cinematography Editing

Our Features

  • Drone Footage: We run our drone flight on your area like an agricultural firm. We make a virtual mapping with it and capture every inch of your area. We generate up to ultra 4k resolution videos.
  • Data Collection: With the help of drone footage of your field we generate every kind of meta data. We start by using GPS maps to create an outline of your field. We automate our drone to fly a pattern over your filed to capture hundreds of high resolution images along with other meta data.
  • Processing and Aggregation: We collect the raw data by flying a drone mission and then create 3D map of your field and analyze it for plant health algorithms which enables growers and agronomists to identify crop issues.
  • Data Analysis With Reporting: We create layered NDVI maps and orthomosaic images to pinpoint problem areas using our analyzed data.
  • Consulting Services: When you have the full analized report from us we can give you consulting supports to improve you environments.
  • Technical Support: We have drone technicians who can give you technical support for both operating and reporting sector.

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